Deathwing (25)

Normal mode is Normal... zzzzz...  Recruiting is open.  Come tag along for Dragon Soul Heroics.

HM Ragnaros (25)

Its dead and we couldn't be happier to never see his legs again.  Recruiting is open.  Join us for Dragon Soul.

HM Baleroc <The Gatekeeper> (25)

Come together.. or blow us up.. here at AoF we like to roll the dice

HM Majordomo Fandral Staghelm(25)


HM Alysrazor (25)

In summary...  Dogs died, Team Gnor sucks and Aggrojagg was in fact gay.  Onward to Domo.

Also be sure to check out the side for any additional recruitment needs!

HM Beth'tilac (25)

And for those people who insist on being less then cooperative on killshots.

FU Bighexamyerpus

HM Lord Rhyolith (25)

We took the scenic route.

HM Shannox (25)

YO Rakezz, get punkd

Sinestra (25)

With all the cutting going on.. I'm surprised we didn't bleed out.

H: Cho'gall (25)

H: Nefarian (25)

Oh hey we're recruiting warlocks.. and resto shaman!  :aoftag:

H: Valiona and Theralion (25)

Double Dragon Cheat Code-  Bypass Level 2 Boss
--- At the end of Mission 2, as soon as the end-boss comes out of the door, climb down the ladder. After descending a second or third story, you should hear the sound of victory. Your opponent has been defeated and you can move on to the Mission 3!

OH PSSST We're recruiting a baller mage!

Conclave of Wind
Finally went back and killed this.  Littlewig inspired picture enjoy!

Whats that?  You didn't hear.. let me say it LOUWDAH!

Who knew he'd be such a giant prick to get down.

One more attempt.. just one more.

After spending entirely to long on this guy the only thing I can say to sum it up is in the form of .. A big FU Blizzard for making a boss you can walk up to and accidentally engage!

Special thanks to our wait list for sitting.

Tonight we finished off this bastard to conclude our 12/12 Kills.  I'm pretty sure I speak for all of us when I say Al'Akir can (insert subject line here).
And while I'd like to say our guild is coordinated enough to pull of an uber cheesy rp screenshot,  truth is they were bribed with dkp and it still took 10 or so minutes before they figured out how to spell AoF. For your viewing pleasure... vv

Special thanks to Bighl who is present for the screenshot but decided to DC in phase 1 and spend the remaining part of the fight outside the instance.  Yay for 24m Nef!

We actually formed up for a screenshot on some of this content we've been clearing.  And I don't have photoshop to make it look all cool and official. 

This is us killing Cho'gall well most of us.